Pass through the supermassive black hole

Super massive Black Hole
Super massive Black Hole

First Way of Time Travel
Stephen W. Hawking refers to Black Hole as a natural time machine, though not directly referring to time travel. The black hole is so dense that it dramatically interferes with time. It can slow down time from anything in the universe.
If a spacecraft rotates very close to the black hole, it will gain about 5 minutes in orbit every 5 minutes. That means it will take less than 5 minutes. Thus, as long as it rotates periodically, the spacecraft will receive half its time. As a result, members of the spacecraft will travel on time. That is, if they came back to Earth after four years of black hole, everyone in the world would be ten years older than that. Just as it was shown, in the Interstellar movie by Cheristopher Nolan. But with the time shown here, it is not possible to achieve this much time in practice.
In this regard, Stephen W. Hawkings points out, "Even if it cannot be taken back too much, it will not be possible to return too much." But the problem with this is the black hole's visibility. Because, if light cannot be reflected from an object, we naturally cannot see it. Since no light can be reflected back from the black hole, we find it beyond our power of vision. Moreover, the super-gravity of the black hole in the center of the ball will never be safe, preventing the ball or getting close to this range. Although some of our theories, until now, say that time inside the black hole is running past. That is, the clockwise rotates upside down. The idea of ​​time travel with Blackhole is why Blackhall occupies such a place of interest.

Jeion Ahmed
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